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Xidus Bamwar
Hill Giant Chief
His small Tribe recently killed by a band of heartless Adventurers, and himself only spared to fullfil the technicality of a contract, he now revenge !!
I got the details from you; that the contract was relocate or die...
I did both; and did some development of Xidus Bamwar and why he would want revenge...
More than just the fact that his people were killed... I made it more personal for him.
Also, I wasn't sure if you were wanting these in a specific location or a specific band of heroes/from a specific location...
But I looked at the Forgotten Realms map (since I know your campaigns are a variation of the Forgotten Realms)...
And selected a location that made sense to me...
But locations can easily be changed to fit what you need.
Since he's an NPC I didn't dive too deep into a ton of dialogue and such; just giving a focused reason for the way he is the way he is.
As always, I look forward to any feedback you might have!
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The Greyguard, a Hill Giant tribe living in the rolling hills of the Greycloak Hills had lived a long and fulfilled life. They preyed primarily on those who traveled west of Anauroch’s endless sands, coming between the Greycloak Hills and Evereska.

Xidus Bamwar was a powerful leader; no wiser than any other Hill Giant but he earned the respect of the clan and became their Warchief because of his fearlessness. Xidus Bamwar had led several successful raids on passing caravans, earning the tribe an assortment of exotic treasures and slaves. This had gone on for years, earning Xidus Bamwar the love and appreciation of his people, earning him an assortment of mates, fathering many children.

One of his youngest, Volum Bamwar, often questioned his father why they would attack other humanoids, and Xidus explained, each time, that the giants were on a higher order than regular humanoids; that the ordning permitted them to do this, as a social status.

Xidus and his tribe attacked passing caravans one too many times, however; during one of their attacks on a caravan of gypsies leaving Anauroch and headed for Neverwinter, several of the gypsies had managed to escape. For days wandered directionless until they arrived in Parnast to the north where they reported the attacks made by the Hill Giants.

News reached Llorkh, a town on the verge of rebuilding itself again, and not so long ago suffered a decimating attack by Stone Giants. News rapidly traveled west to Daggerford, run by Duchess Morwen Daggerford. She immediately hired a group of mercenaries to travel to the Greycloak Hills and remove the Hill Giants.

The mercenary crew, simply known as The Blade’s Alliance, quickly rode out to the Greycloak Hills and located the Greyguard Hill Giants. Knowing that the Hill Giants had strength and power over the Blade’s Alliance, their leader, a Half-Elf Ranger named Fourd Foxfire, knew their best opportunity of attack would be at night. Moving quietly, the Blade’s Alliance struck ruthlessly, slitting throats before one of the giants awoke. A fight broke out, and by the time Xidus Bamwar saw the decimated tribe, dozens dead before the fight ever started, including his youngest son, Volum, Xidus demanded to know what Fourd and the others wanted.

Fourd explained that the Hill Giants were to cease their attacks, and apologized for those that had to die; but he knew that only a show of force would earn the attention and respect of the Hill Giants. Xidus Bamwar agreed to take the surviving members of the Greyguard and relocate far to the south, in a less populated area of The Far Hills, just south of the Sunset Mountains.

For two years, Xidus Bamwar led a more peaceful life, capturing and killing wildlife around the Far Hills, with minimal interaction with humanoids. His people prospered, but in the mind of Xidus Bamwar, he could never erase the visage of his youngest son, throat slit; nor could he erase the visage that the Blade’s Alliance wore on their tabards; the symbol of Daggerford…