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    "That's great," D'Shi says to the big guy, "but who the hell are you? Your real name. And what did you do with Hasi!"

    After a moment of barely being able to explain who Hasi was in the first place, D'Shi accepts that this is just another whim of the Spirit Crystals. "Sorry for accusing you. We can't let our guard down here; you never know when we'll start running into shapeshifters trying to take advantage of our trust."

    She turns to Zyrn as she records the inventory of our... victory?... in her makeshift atlas.

    "On the one hand, we shouldn't give the enemy any more chance to get away. On the other hand, I think I'm out of my healing spell, so we need to be careful. I'll let you make the call, Zyrn. Also..."

    She pulls a massive antler from the pile of seemingly-random junk that appeared upon the crab's defeat.

    "This should be a perfect replacement for the sword you lost! A weapon forged and honed in a lifetime of moose combat!"

    Gave Zyrn the Antler Greatsword.
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