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BF and I started playing this game and it's scratching my looter-shooter itch quite well, especially for only $40. I lost count of all my deaths but the game is fair rather than punishing. I'm a Hunter and he's Ex-Cultist.
Great game, though a bit lacking in post-game content, at least when me and some friends blitzed through it at launch.

Keep in mind BTW your class doesn't really matter. Most abilities are determined by gear and the skills (I forget what they're called), neither of which are class specific. Each character STARTS with a unique skill, but all of them can be obtained in-game by completing certain tasks. My only real gripe is that starting as Hunter (like I did too) is basically pointless; the Shadow Walker skill you get is REALLY easy to acquire in-game but Spirit (from Ex-Cultist) and Warrior (from Scrapper) are much more difficult.