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My award goes to a commercial that's not only supremely annoying, it also doesn't even tell you what the product does or why you'd want to buy it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_SwD7RveNE
I used to think that was a harmless, if annoying, ad. However... Lifting directly from Wikipedia
Spoiler: The goggles, they do nothing!
Unlike traditional headache medicines, the efficacy of HeadOn has yet to be systematically studied in any controlled scientific experimental study.[15] In line with other homeopathic medicines, Miralus Healthcare claims that the medicinal properties of HeadOn's ingredients are released via its dilution technique.[16] However, the dilution technique leaves virtually none of the active ingredient in the product,[17][18] and nowhere in scientific literature has the claim been supported that dilutions are effective in releasing the medicinal properties of any ingredients.[17][19]

Moreover, none of HeadOn's ingredients have any scientifically supported effectiveness in treatment of a headache. One of the ingredients, white bryony, is a highly toxic berry that is lethal if 40 such berries are ingested;[20] however, dilution leaves virtually none of this ingredient in the product, which is why its makers can claim the treatment has no side effects[16] (or any effects at all[17]). Another ingredient, goldenseal (hydrastis canadensis), has no known effectiveness in the treatment of any condition.[21][22]

The efficacy of the HeadOn product is supported by a few questionable testimonials found on the Miralus Healthcare website.[16] Miralus also markets many other questionable healthcare products containing low, if any, levels of any active ingredients.[16][17]

So... legally speaking they probably can't tell you what you are supposed to use it for. So on the one hand yeah it's an annoying ad but on the other hand it's not damaging the companies reputation since they are nothing but a scam.