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It might be worth pointing out that I play on PC, mouse+keyboard setup, and so I find the melee combat to be especially clunky when you're clicking for every swing. Long-range is much more my style on setups like this. So I might be biased.
I play on PC, but anything 3rd person I tend to use a controller for anyway. Once you swap to third person perspective you've decided accuracy isn't a huge factor in your game already, situational awareness is instead the focus.

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With that said, even with the starting 3 points in SW and a loud co-op partner stomping around everywhere, I've gotten the drop on some priority targets for a clean headshot. So I'm pretty interested to find out how that trait would play when it's maxed out, and in a solo environment.

With that said, I will criticize the game because stealth mechanics should always, always have clear indicators, whether that's of outright success or just when you're correctly attempting stealth. Simply decreasing some aggro radius or cone that I have no way of envisioning leads quickly to discussions like this, where nobody is clear on the benefit that investing in the stealth skill provides.
This was my issue with Shadow Walker in a nutshell. I jammed 10 ranks into it early and saw basically no benefit beyond what the base 1 rank you get in it for free is.

Re: Sniper Rifle: It's good; all single shot weapons are good since the Bandit set and Slayer sets exist. They only nerfed Devastator with Bandit so you still have like a 60% chance to get another shot with the rifle.

It gets iffy with all the adds later bosses have though.