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    I didn't notice anything bad, though I admit, I'm not well-versed in hospital terminology.

    I've written a thing to flesh out our version of Kirigakure:
    Spoiler: Alternate Kirigakure

    In this timeline, Yagura Karatachi, the Fourth Mizukage, realized that his relentless persecution of traitors and the bloodline purge had driven away all the kekkei genkai users from his village and thus all noble clans in his oppressive ways. In addition, half of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist deserted their ranks. Left only with clans using hiden abilities and civilian born ninjas, he has since set out to make sure Kirigakure works without kekkei genkai and thus taken any measure to make sure that Kirigakure can match the talent and strength of other villages hard work and ingenuity alone.

    To this end, Yagura kept the three caste system of families where the first ones, but re-imagined how shinobi are taught. He abolished the concept of hiden jutsu, allowing all ninja from a clan who had them to share them with others outside of if they wanted to, then started building his new shinobi military around this shared knowledge, while also encouraging research into making more weapons like the seven swords of the mist so as to allowing for unique techniques without needing bloodlines. After the slaughter of an entire class by one person he had to abolish the practice of killing students to graduate- they simply needed too many ninja to make up the difference they lost from defection, self-caused deaths and the purges.

    Thus while Kirigakure is recovering, many of its ninja today have experienced a rushed education to fill out the numbers they need and thus struggle to use some basic techniques. On the other hand, many techniques that would be hiden jutsu in other villages are openly taught among all its shinobi and thus they organize their squads around having more consistent fits for certain purposes. Instead of having to fit a bunch of weird talents together, they have sensor squads, infiltrator squads, combat squads and so on and thus each squad is taught the best jutsu for those purposes.

    However element wise, without kekkei-genkai, most of them are Water-affinity due to their environment, with the leading minority being Wind then Lightning with the least common being Earth and Fire. This makes their elemental jutsu pretty homogeneous and open to being defeated by Earth release users. Many of their Jounin are praised for being able to master an element besides water.

    Indeed, the Jounin are where people with any talent or potential end up, as the Chuunin and Genin ranks are filled with imperfectly taught shinobi that only work well in a team, often in ones all using the same jutsu for the same purpose. The Jounin that come from these are often those who manage to innovate new techniques for themselves, train themselves to be do more than their assigned role, or master a magical weapon made in inspiration of the seven mist swords, or secretly have a kekkei genkai they are keeping secret somehow. At the same time, many of these jounin's mindsets are of reckless unthinking warriors that Yagura keeps on selecting instead of intelligent minds that can criticize or defy him and thus mistake in his mind for disloyalty.
    While the villages ability to complete lower-ranking missions has become far more consistent and stable as a result of these changes, the risk of higher ranking missions has increased for its shinobi, and the Jounin that do them are praised as singular geniuses and champions of excellence that arise out of nowhere, and a myth of the “Self-Made Ninja” has started to propagate throughout Kirigakure, with ninjas start to believe that if they just work hard and loyally enough they too will pull themselves up by their bare hands into being great, when in reality the advantage of birth and nobility has been replaced by networking, connections, bribes, and favors to learn jutsu they normally wouldn't, or pull strings to get a weapon specially made for you, or sucking up to Yagura's cult of personality to earn their favor so that they will be more likely to give you more training, or just plain luck of being in the right place right time to complete something impressive no one else did, things like that.

    Indeed, one of the ways the village hasn't improved is the Yagura has killed the Water Daimyo and taken his place as sole ruler of the Land of Water after the Water Daimyo chewed him out for causing so many valuable ninja to defect, reasoning that the daimyo wasn't loyal either. Now Yagura rules all of the Land of Water with an iron fist, the main island being filled with propaganda posters and Yagura's secret police watching for any signs of dissent. The surrounding islands while under his control, don't feel the oppressive presence as strongly and thus have become valuable centers of trade and commerce for the Land of Water, both legal and illegal. Unfortunately, Kiri's own bloody reputation damaged its trade prospects, and many businesses have taken their trade elsewhere to the Land of Lightning, Land of Fire, Land of Hot Water and Land of Frost.

    These surrounding islands also have brewing resistance groups and missing-nin leading them, determined to restore legitimate rule to the Land of Water and overthrow Yagura, but no one has any solid plans on what do about the Three-Tailed Beast so that its removed from him. The shinobi nations in general know and consider Kirigakure and the Land of Water as basically a petty dictatorship where Yagura is the sole ruler, but no one is willing to do anything about it for economic reasons: waging a war on Kirigakure to depose Yagura would be costly, and due to its Bloody Mist reputation companies are doing business with other more reputable nations that would normally be trading with Kirigakure,thus providing economic benefits to letting Kirigakure shoot itself in the foot.

    Not helped by the Hunter-Nin squads Kirigakure sends out through the nations to hunt down missing-nin from Kirigakure and often having arguments with other shinobi on who should take out a Kiri missing-nin, and are basically seen as death squads by any Kirigakure nin that has managed to find a better life or a legitimate place in other nations. Generally they are considered meddlers and poorly disguised assassins of political dissidents.

    As for Yagura Karatachi himself, he knows that Kirigakure trying to go to war to hunt down every disloyal ninja from Kiri would a recipe for getting defeated. No one knows his true plan for Kirigakure going forward or what his next moves will be. Only that he is a dictator jinchuriki ruling through force and obsessed with loyalty, and that his entire regime is an example of how not to be a kage.

    Example Summoning Pacts:

    Example Forbidden Jutsu/Kinjutsu:
    Blood Puppeteer Jutsu:
    One of the highest forms of Water release, this allows the user to use another person like a puppet through manipulating their blood, however it comes at a cost: the user needs to bleed themselves first so that they can extend blood strings to catch and puppet them.

    Blood Kanji Jutsu:
    By using their natural blood as ink, the user can write kanji in the air for various effects. The more kanji written in one go, the more blood spent and the more powerful the effect, the more chakra needed to put into it. Most users have only managed up to three uses at one time without dying.

    Water Release: Land Dehydration Vortex:
    An extremely powerful water jutsu developed by Kiri when it observed that water was in all living things, so to try and work around water's limitations one could simply rip out water from the surrounding life. The result was this jutsu, one where all the water is simply ripped out of all the plants and animals in sight, humans to but other ninja clearly learned that they can use their own willpower and chakra to resist being dehydrated like a genjutsu or evade it with replacement jutsu, all to gather the water into one ball floating in the air to use for more water techniques. The constant use of this jutsu in earlier wars led to much of the Land of Wind's arable land being destroyed and was declared forbidden jutsu during the peace treaties afterwards.

    Cursed Seal of Oni:
    Applies a seal to someone living or dead, turning them into an immortal oni and resurrecting them if they are dead. It also enhances their strength and speed. However, it comes at the cost of giving them an insatiable desire for human flesh and blood and can no longer eat anything else, growing horns on their head and fangs in their mouth.

    Blood Clone Jutsu:
    Sacrifices a human so they become a clone of yourself. Ninja can use replacement jutsu to evade becoming a victim of this. A human sacrificed this way is killed by blood string extending from yourself and reforms into a clone of yourself with all your memories, skills and jutsu but reserves only equal to the amount of chakra you put into them, and their previous life erased. However unlike most clone jutsu, the person lasts as long as a real human lifespan if they don't die, and they die like a real human if they get killed. Due to people needing to sacrificed to make this jutsu work and the existential and ethical problems it brings up, its labeled a kinjutsu

    Ravenous Shark Jutsu:
    A kinjutsu that sharpens one fangs into shark fangs and allows them to drink the blood of others to gain their kekkei genkai, needing at least a pint to do so. However one should be careful with this kinjutsu, as absorbing a kekkei genkai from another can have unpredictable effects and often turns one into a monster if they are lucky, have them experience biological problems from multiple bloodlines in one body or mutates them into a horrible dead mess. A vast majority of the time, people can only hold two bloodlines maximum using this technique without downsides, and often only elemental ones at that due to elemental ones having more compatibility. Three or more and it gets horrible quickly.

    also I think this has given me a better idea of what to do with the Kaguya clan and what their issue is.

    also yes Yagura Karatachi is a canonical character, but not one that was well-used at all. he was so background and underused despite being the jinchuuriki of the three trails AND the Fourth Mizukage AND be a perfect jinchuuriki who had full control over his transformations years before Naruto, Gaara or Killer B ever was any of those things, and was this young tyrannical dictator to boot that cause the backstory of Zabusa and Haku, the guy has Kirigakure arc antagonist written all over him and he was just dealt with off screen and we only get a token undead appearance.

    So I think he is good enough and side character enough to use him as is, because why not?
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