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I play on PC, but anything 3rd person I tend to use a controller for anyway. Once you swap to third person perspective you've decided accuracy isn't a huge factor in your game already, situational awareness is instead the focus.
Accuracy is just as important in TPS games as FPS, see Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space for example where precision shots are basically mandatory unless you're playing on the lowest difficulties. (Though in all of these games, including Remnant, sniping is first-person anyway so it's moot.)

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This was my issue with Shadow Walker in a nutshell. I jammed 10 ranks into it early and saw basically no benefit beyond what the base 1 rank you get in it for free is.
I think we can agree unequivocally on this much, games that can't tell you how useful stealth is have no business trying to do stealth. Having to guess is a waste of everyone's time.

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Re: Sniper Rifle: It's good; all single shot weapons are good since the Bandit set and Slayer sets exist. They only nerfed Devastator with Bandit so you still have like a 60% chance to get another shot with the rifle.

It gets iffy with all the adds later bosses have though.
My sidearm is a SMG (currently Spitfire, I believe I got it off the dragon boss?) which is exactly the tactic I used in RE4 and ME2 onward. If there are swarms of little adds then that is totally fine, while if there are big adds I usually want to be sniping them anyway for quick cleanup.