Tobias stopped to take a long look at Ravengro before stepping off and crossing the last short distance to the town. The return was bittersweet. Memories of the broken young man who'd arrived to attend the university came flooding back--and of the old professor who'd somehow gotten him to open up, and set him on the path towards actually doing something rather than letting the world roll over him. Tobias had learned a lot about himself from Professor Lorrimor--how far he could push himself, and what one person could accomplish with enough determination. For that, Tobais would be forever in his debt. But now that he was gone, a thread of that old despair crept back in. Tobias had been holding out hope that the professor would run across something in his studies, if not an answer than a clue--something he could use to track down what had happened to Catherine, maybe even get her back. Now that possibility was gone, and the feelings of helplessness edged at his mind once more.

He pushed those thoughts aside. Today was a day to remember the professor and honor him--his own quest could wait on that.

Tobias was surprised at the number of people gathered for Professor Lorrimor's funeral, though perhaps he shouldn't have been. He was far from the only student the man had mentored, or honored colleague he'd worked with. He was even more surprised at the offer to carry the coffin. I'd be honored," he told her, nodding respectfully. "And I wouldn't have missed this for anything. The Professor--your father--he made me who I am today. I owe him at least this much."