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    (I dislike super-long posts)

    Query: Would giving the Revised Ranger more Extra Attacks (total of 4 at 20th level) sound reasonable? Maybe limited to the Fighting Style they chose at 1st level?

    The Fighter's Action Surge is what makes them stand out = at Twentieth level 8 attacks plus a Bonus Action (plus a Reaction)

    Edit: I'm wanting to add extra Favored Enemies. Up to a maximum of 5 at Twentieth level.

    Q2 = Would the above plus the following be too much?
    Spoiler: Additional Options
    Combining (with some modifications) UA #8 and UA #18 and adding to PHB Ranger.

    Animal Companion At 3rd level, you learn to use your magic to create a powerful bond with a creature of the natural world. With 1 hour of work and the expenditure of 50 gp worth of rare herbs and fine food, you call forth an animal from the wilderness to serve as your faithful companion. You can normally select your companion from among the following animals: an ape, a black bear, a boar, a giant badger, a giant weasel, a mule, a panther, or a wolf. However, your DM might pick one of these animals for you, based on the surrounding terrain and on what types of creatures would logically be present in the area. At the end of the Ritual, your animal companion appears and gains all the benefits of your Companionís Bond ability. You can have only one animal companion at a time. If your animal companion is ever slain, the magical bond you share allows you to redo the Ritual and return it to life.

    Your animal companion gains the benefits of your Favored Enemy feature, and of your Greater Favored Enemy feature when you gain that feature at 6th level. It uses the favored enemies you selected for those features.

    Coordinated Attack Beginning at 5th level, you and your animal companion form a more potent fighting team. When you use the Attack action on your turn, if your companion can see you, it can use its reaction to make a melee attack.

    Beastís Defense At 7th level, while your companion can see you, it has advantage on all saving throws.

    Storm of Claws and Fangs 11th level (Modified) Multi-attack one target or your companion can use its action to make a melee attack against each creature of its choice within 5 feet of it, with a separate attack roll for each target.

    Superior Beastís Defense: At 15th level, whenever an attacker that your companion can see hits it with an attack, it can use its reaction to halve the attackís damage against it.

    Note: When you gain your animal companion at 3rd level, its proficiency bonus matches yours at +2.
    As you gain levels and increase your proficiency bonus, remember that your companionís proficiency bonus improves as well, and is applied to the following areas: Armor Class, skills, saving throws, attack bonus, and damage rolls.

    Ambuscade 6th level Ranger. When you roll initiative, you gain a special turn that takes place before other creatures can act. On this turn, you can use your Reaction to take either the Attack or Hide action.
    If more than one creature in an encounter has this feature, they all act first in order of initiative, then the regular initiative order begins. If you would normally be surprised at the start of an encounter, you are not surprised but you do not gain this extra turn. (having both Observant and Alert grants full benefits, and Advantage to hit with this reaction as well as Advantage to Initiative with the Plus Five added)

    Foe Slayer At 20th level, you become an unparalleled hunter. Once on each of your turns, you can add your Wisdom modifier to the attack roll or the damage roll of an attack you make. You can choose to use this feature before or after the roll, but before any effects of the roll are applied.

    Spoiler: BEASTmaster

    Here I have some options: Iím considering the first, like the second and might see if I can combine both without overbalancing the Archetype.
    At 3rd level, your companion can be any Beast of up to half your Ranger level.

    At 11th level, your companion can be any Monstrosity up to one third of your Ranger level.
    I would discount Humanoid Monstrosities from the list.
    Chimera = Yes. Medusa = No. Drider = Maybe?

    At 3rd level, you form a spiritual bond with a natural creature.
    This companion protects you as you travel and watches your back in battle.
    You choose a ranger path that shapes your companion and its magic: the Guardian, the Seeker, or the Stalker.

    Guardian By following the path of the Guardian, you protect the natural world from creatures that would despoil it, even as you engage with the common folk who rely upon natureís bounty to survive.
    You patrol the pathways through the wilds, keeping them clear of bandits and rampaging monsters, even as you keep careful watch on how civilized realms interact with the wilderness. Those who take more than their fair share ó clear-cutting forests or hunting for sport rather than survival ó risk your wrath. Your spirit companion is one of the following: An ape, a black bear, a boar, a giant badger, a giant weasel, a panther, or a wolf.

    Guardianís Duty: The ranger can choose an ally that they can see and that is within ten feet of their companion.
    As a Bonus Action, the Companion can impose Disadvantage to any single attack against the ally.
    If the attack would still hit the Companionís AC, they take the damage of the attack.

    Seeker: Your companion can be a giant eagle, a giant owl, or any bird the DM allows.
    Your companion lends its sharp combat senses to you and your companions. As a bonus action, you choose a creature you can see. Until the end of your next turn, all attacks made against the chosen creature have advantage.

    Stalker Choose yourself or an ally you can see and within ten feet of your companion, as a Reaction your companion can distract a foe and increase the Threat range of weapons by one point.
    Also, the companion can grant all allies within ten feet Advantage to Stealth checks.

    Spoiler: Rogue option

    Skirmisherís Stealth Stolen from UA #8 Ranger
    Beginning at 5th level, you combine speed and stealth in combat to make yourself hard to pin down. You are difficult to detect even if you attack or otherwise take actions that would normally reveal your presence. At the start of your turn, pick a creature you are hidden from. You remain hidden from that creature during your turn, regardless of your actions or the actions of other creatures.
    (Modified) You have Advantage when you use the Hide action.
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