Augustin Mikhail Luna
Hit Ponts: 14 of 14 l Conditions: None.

As Kara speaks of the still smoldering ruffians, Luna nods, "I'll get them," he drops his cloak off his broad shoulders, patting out any flames still lingering on the armed men, then as he gets to his feet he drives an armored boot into one's face with a sickening crunch. He spits a glob of phlegm on the ground, "Witches and Necromancers? Fheh! There was no need for this, we came to honor a friend. Thrice cursed fools!"

As the rear of the procession caught up, he turned to the lead elderman, "Tell me the name of the fat fool?" He pointed to the old man with pitted sword fleeing through the headstones. He then looked from to the burnt, crumpled bodies of the superstitious villagers, "Their misfortune is on THAT man's head, if he had let us pass in peace ...," his words trailed off.

While he waited for an answer, he moved to his position and lifted the Professor's casket.