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    So we just beat it. And the ending soured us on the game quite a bit.

    Without spoiling anything here, this thread (spoilers obviously) does a good job of summing up why. The game was very clearly rushed out the door for its last chapter and it shows, both in the meager plot resolution and the absolutely ridiculous final boss that all-but requires very specific weapon mods to defeat. Mods that didn't spawn in our entire playthrough, might I add, so after a few hours of frustration we ended up cheating our way past it.

    This game has a lot of potential but the devs still have work to do. Supposedly free DLC is coming out to add flesh to the ending. And apparently there is a prequel to this game called Chronos that explains where some of the characters came from?

    I don't think the game was ruined by the last hour or anything, far from it; we'll likely be diving into adventure mode on a higher difficulty. But that disappointment is going to stick with me the longest out of any of the emotions I felt while playing I think.
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