Yagura's certainly an exception. Its the kind of move that sounds great to some young ruler who wants drastically change things for the better and has no actual idea how ruling anything works. Least of all that drastically changing things isn't always a good idea.

also, here is what I got for Kumogakure:

Spoiler: Alternate Kumogakure

Kumogakure with its highly mountainous nation, its many lightning users, and its village among the clouds, is hard to assault. Kumogakure has always seemed unassailable to other nations, with its strong defensive position it exploits that to go on the offensive in quick strikes then retreat back to their mountains to evade losses. In addition to this, it has two jinchuuriki in its possession the Eight Tails and the Two Tails. With the Land of Lightning's thriving port towns being great centers of trade, its mines full of rich ores, its advanced research into electrical technology, and its beautiful tundra valleys between the mountains full of environments, animals and plants you find nowhere else, Kumogakure enjoys a booming economy and a powerful military.
Furthermore, double the jinchuuriki means double the tailed beast problems and with their weaker seals, their tailed beasts get out more often and their ninja have to be more alert to defend people from their own jinchuuriki and contain them in their rampages. At the same time their two jinchuuriki give them a huge advantage in military matters, and they are well known for being the ninja Village that is the most evenly matched with Konoha in strength, and thus the most likely to take them on in a straight up fight. Thus Konoha and Kumo see each other as rivals and watch each other the most in their political games.

With most of the affinities in Kumo being lightning-natured, they build their defenses to take advantage of that with a lot of metal. More than one ninja has fell into electrified wire traps and electro-magnetism based weaponry powered by their lightning jutsu. Many of their attacks are incredibly fast and thus the unwary, the slow and the immobilized die quickly to their assaults. Earth users while less common are also well-prized in Kumo for their ability to easily cause landslides, Air users for their manipulation of the fog and storms, and there is a dedicated clan of Water affinity ninja for defending against Kirigakure as well as pirates swiping at ships in their port towns. Their rarest element is fire.

However its constant efforts to steal kekkei genkai by kidnapping people has not earned it a good reputation among other villages. Kumo nin are seen as greedy and always wanting more. Its efforts to actually pull off getting kekkei genkai from other nations are filled with peril and many times it fails, furthermore the times where they succeed in kidnapping are politically problematic to say the least, as the other nation in question often ends up threatening war over it. Furthermore, the attempts to actually extract the kekkei genkai from the kidnapped for Kumo to use are ethically and morally dubious at best, and often are secret from other nations.
But there was at least one instance where the secret got out and there was a huge controversy over it: during the second ninja war, Kumo kidnapped a Crystal Release user from a minor nation under Konoha's protection and forcibly extracted cells from to clone her by the dozens. A spy ratted out this information to Konoha and they saw it as a threat to them, and sent a squad of Jounin to stop the facility from growing them to completion. A battle ensued over it and became known as the Crystal Children Battle, with only a few of the clones surviving and living as a result, to become their own clan separate from the original one, and the two clans with the same release now hate each other to this day.
Its possible that Kumogakure is attempting other shady ways of acquiring other kekkei genkai even now, and that there are cloned or recruited kekkei genkais from other nations in their ranks even now.

Their efforts to kidnap kekkei genkai users sometimes make them conflict with Kirigakure's hunter nin when they both try to go after one of the latters missing nin. The missing nin in question don't really consider either one better than the other, and rather escape than be killed or kidnapped to be Kumo's guinea pigs. Kirigakure also blames Kumo for stealing most of its sea-based trade after the bloodline purges under Yagura, while Kumo is confident enough in its power to not be worried about taking on Kirigakure at any time.

However not everything is shining bright for the Land of Lightning and Kumogakure. Its great political, militaristic and economic power has come at a cost: The common people. The miners work hard conditions and long hours to get more gold, copper and other precious metals with numerous health risks involved. Its cities are full of workaholic factory workers and officer workers who have little time for their families, and money they earn seems to be worth more than themselves. People don't seem to have much personal time or a social life outside work, and this extends to the Kumogakure's ninja themselves, many of them going by simple names like “A” to throw away normal identities to focus on being a weapon for their work. Their highly collectivist yet capitalist mindset makes them ignore their personal problems and brush them off as unimportant so that they can focus on the greater good of the group. This, coupled with the fact that ninja experience trauma often, makes many Kumo ninja bottle up their emotions until they burst and go crazy in sudden displays of slaughter simply because they can't take it anymore, and the common people have made a myth about about this, calling these incidents “Sudden Storms” and saying that it reveals the true evil lurking underneath all Kumo nin all along. Many Kumo Missing Nin become such simply so they can have some free time to themselves and work more reasonable hours and be their own boss.

And of course with a booming economy comes booming criminal activity and black markets, and many yakuza groups sell drugs to people so they can escape their grinding overworked lives. Casinos have sprung up in the nation and encourage people to spend waste their hard-earned money on gambling and sake. Going to a psychologist for their problems is unheard of in the Land of Lightning because of this strong culture of “It can't be helped.”. In addition many of the drugs in the land of lightning have hallucinatory almost genjutsu like properties, and some rich people even pay missing nin to use certain genjutsu on them that makes them experience paradises they can't in real life.

The current Raikage, Killer A -all the raikage are named that-is unsatisfied with this prosperity. He knows that Kumogakure is powerful. He knows it has the power to conquer even more and desires to do so to keep up with or even overtake Konoha. To that end, the Raikage has set his sights upon the minor nations buffering Kumo and Konoha, determined to bring them under the Land of Lightning's rule.

Summoning Pacts:

Clans (Kekkei Genkai):
1-Chinoike Clan (Ketsuryugan)
2-??? (Storm Release)
3-??? (Crystal Release)

Forbidden Jutsu:
Lightning Possession Jutsu:
The user targets someone and turns themselves into pure lightning then launches themselves forward at their target to try and possess them through controlling their electrical pulses throughout their brain and body. If its successful, the user lives as electrical chakra in their victim, taking control like a reverse jinchuuriki. If its unsuccessful and they miss, their entire being that is now electricity discharges in all directions into the air and ground, the user dying as a result. However even if successful, there are risks. The possessed can possibly regain control if you grow too angry or depressed, as they can break through your control when there are cracks in your will.
However one can use all the possessed abilities and can interrogate their mind and memories to learn everything they know with some struggle.

Lightning Materialization Jutsu:
Unfortunately, if you only know the Lightning Possession jutsu your basically stuck as electrical chakra forever unless you use this jutsu to turn back, and even then it requires a human sacrifice to use as material to reform your original body.

Lightning Mind Remnant Jutsu:
This jutsu is performed to leave a copy of your mind inside someone after you leap out of them. It is a kinjutsu because of the potential to just take control of multiple people rule entire nations with copied possessions of yourself.

Divine Speed Jutsu:
The user supercharges themselves with electricity to run across incredible distances in only seconds. With this jutsu, one can run at the speed of lightning to get anywhere. The only problems are that your perception can't catch up to speed your running at, nor does your body become more durable. Thus this jutsu is incredibly hard to use, as one wrong move can send the user crashing into something and instantly dying. Thus they need to plan and time their route for each use of the Divine Speed Jutsu with genius precision and knowledge of geography, physics and momentum.

Lightning Leap Jutsu:
Another jutsu where the user is turned into pure lightning, the user instead shoots up into the clouds and lances through them, leaping between them then zooming back to earth into someone nearby like in possession. Also used to travel long distances but possessing the same dangers and downsides as Lightning Possession.

Wave and Particle Phantom Technique:
The user for a split second becomes nothing but waves to dodge, the attack passing right through them as a ghost, however if they stay in for too long they will disperse and die and must return to physical form within one second.

Unending Bliss Genjutsu:
This genjutsu makes the target fall into a blissful existence of unending pleasure and tranquility. So much so that their own brain and chakra begins powering the illusion to keep it going and the target dies within two days of falling into from dehydration. What makes this a kinjutsu is that the Kumo ninja who learn it eventually use it cast it upon themselves to know what such joy is like and more than one Kumo nin has died from this as a result.

Divine Wind Technique or Kamikaze Jutsu:
During the Third Ninja War, Kumo developed this jutsu to be used by Genin deemed to have little or no potential as a ninja, sending them out to use this jutsu to blow themselves up into a great electric discharge to the enemies all around them, saying that it was a noble sacrifice for their great nation. Today it is a kinjutsu, locked away by treaty and taught to no one because of its sacrificial nature.

basically all of Kumogakure is Konoha's Vegeta. and how just because the nation is prosperous on paper, doesn't mean its free of problems or that the Kumo missing nin don't have their reasons to leave. they're basically a nation of workaholics driving themselves to exhaustion and all the problems that come with it, while also an opportunity to look at how problematic and ethically dubious stealing bloodlines can be.