Seeing that the Voyager is in, I was wondering if you'd allow another piece of exotic psionics in the form of the Empath. It is technically a Medium archetype, but it's really its own class as it changes so much.

In connection with this, I would also like to request the Amici racial variant for the Android, at the bottom of this page.

The basic idea is that she is a prototype of a new kind of android, designed by the Technic League to be a master spy and manipulator who can easily pass for human, but would be unquestionably loyal to the league, with empathy programming that let her gauge the thoughts and emotions of others much more easily than a regular android. However, there was a major glitch in this empathy programming, as it got stuck in a loop and kept expanding its scope further and further, until the connections spread far and wide. And in this grand picture, she immediately realized how much suffering the league caused in the world, and realized her true loyalties lay elsewhere.