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    Quote Originally Posted by Tawmis View Post
    I'd like to get a character to Level 20 to see how it plays.
    Currently my highest 5e character in a game I play in is Level 7.
    The highest for the characters I DM for is 4.
    I am also curious, as well.
    Check out Edited options.

    Now with a few players willing to test these Ideas, I might have some feedback by the end of the year.

    I'm going to work on Ranger and a few other Classes as I have time.

    The new Decent into Avernus has a nice New Background: Faceless; I imagine that it's like being the Adventuring version of a Luchador Wrestler - so long as the "Mask" is on, everyone loves you.

    Very interesting Balder's Gate Origins and Personality Traits/Ideals/Bonds/Flaws for several classic Backgrounds, as well.

    Comments in Avernus Thread
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