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Thank you. I'll Stick with the concept for now, see where the idea goes.

So I'm about a third to a half done with the mechanics and cannot figure out how you measure speed, can I get some help with that please?
It's the ranks and measures chart. To find out how fast you go in a given time period, find the time period on the chart, then move down a number of steps equal to your speed, which is generally the rank of the movement power. For example, if you've got Speed 4 and you want to find your speed in MPH, go to one hour on the time chart, move down 4 steps, and then the distance there is how much you cover in that time period. Flight 8 would move you down 8 places. Swimming 6 though moves you down only 4 places because your swimming speed is Swimming - 2 ranks, and Leaping is rank-2, capped at 7 speed.

For example, speed of sound is 750 mph, very approximately. The distance 750 miles is between 500 and 1000, putting it at rank 18 distance. Time at 1 hour is at rank 9. So Speed/Flight 9 is roughly the speed of sound.

That said, this only accounts for single move action movement. Using both standard and move to move doubles your speed, which is just one rank higher, and Extra Effort can also increase your speed rank by 1 for one round. So if you want someone who's absolute top speed is the speed of sound, when they put absolutely everything into it, that's Rank 7.