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    Standing up from her poor dog, she looks past Akio at the wounded tiger

    "I appreciate your protection over the pokemon, but I'd appreciate it more if you'd let me help them."

    Leaving her crossbows by her dog as a show of good faith to him, she walks past him and starts attempting to remove the bolt and stem the bleeding. As she works, she keeps talking.

    "My goal here was never to break them apart. I wanted to catch the child, but when the mother showed up, my plan shifted to catch both. Unfortunately, she had other plans as she knocked out both herself and my poor puppy In one hit..." she says with some disdain.

    Stopping as healing light washes over both the tiger and her dog, she turns to look at him. "That's... an interesting power... anyway, yeah, I never meant to knock it out, it did that all on her own. I caught the baby as a... consolation prize I guess? Besides, if I had left the baby guarded by nothing but the unconscious mother, that's just asking for it to be eaten. Why should I let this reckless mother protect the child when her actions against more feral predators would have it be eaten?"

    As the says that, a murkrow flies from the canopy of trees carrying an empty pokeball (one that she threw earlier and missed). It drops it in her hand and perches on her shoulder, giving a loud Caw!
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