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    Spoiler: Temple Trio
    "Pleased to meet you all." Morrigan says with a practiced curtsy. "I came out here with my team. Watersmeet is where a lot of the PAL and even some PBL teams come to get Pokémon and train up. I caught Joule out here 2 years ago when I was a rookie. Wait are you guys-?"
    The conversation is interrupted when her PDA goes off. she glances at it for a moment. "OH! You're the new guys from Quest! Welcome and Congrats on making it. We'll you guys must be pretty good to take down joule and harass Luca." She says. Walking over to Danetta. "Hey Look, It's not your fault. You only did what you thought was to improve your team. I can't fault you for that. And i swear sometimes the scanners are broken. So don't take it too hard...Danetta?" She says, verifying that is your name. "Well that was pretty exciting, huh? You guys up to do a little more hunting? Their are good, strong, pokémon by the temple but they can be dangerous. I'll take you guys there if thats fine?"
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