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Okay, so we have established Cassie and the ship to be worth approximately 28000, call it 30 for the inconvenience. The mask is 78,000. That leaves 48000 in trade value.

Let's call it 5,000 for the information request, since he will likely have to pay multiple other people in order to do a thorough job of it. And yes Thorne will be making it clear that he expects a thorough job.

So whatever other goods and coinage the ogre offers would need to approach 43,000 GP in value. If we again lean in the direction of the ogre due to the inconvenience of this affair, I think Thorne would push for approximately 40,000, all of it going to Anvillian.

Seem fair?
It doesn't matter to me if it goes to Anvillian, as long as it gets put towards completing our objective. Getting Cassia's freedom basically means Anvillian will feel like he got the better end of the bargain regardless of what happens next.