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    Default Re: [IC] Summit: Pokémon Battle Circuit Association - PW

    mix heals her pokemon on the way to the cave- (just learned how to do this)
    Spoiler: HEaly

    injury removals and healing
    http://orokos.com/roll/761221 +7 health
    both injuries gone

    initiative me: 15
    tostitos: 20

    initiative me: 15
    tostitos: 20

    "eh that thing looks neat (the thing the bat it sitting on) " Mix Chucks a ball as hard as she can at the pokemon AFTER scanning it
    Spoiler: BALL THROW

    http://orokos.com/roll/761223 6 to hit (probs a wif but it looks big so who knows
    to catch http://orokos.com/roll/761224 63

    but the moment she notices the girl calling for help she calls back "Don't worry were here to help"
    She said immediately running up to the pokemon she threw the ball out if she didn't catch it and kicking it in whatever it might have for a "weak spot" (the balls) by "casting" Shock Wave (the balls) and giving a chance for Mimikyu to attack it while it's distracted. if she did catch it she kept running past to the sound of the voice

    Spoiler: Shock Wave damage because it can't miss

    and Mimikyu attacks with Astonish in an attempt to make it flinch
    Spoiler: Astonish damage and to hit
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