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    Quote Originally Posted by GrayDeath View Post
    Honorable Mention goes to Cassandra. Deep Fluff and cool style, sadly it didnt quite do well enough to get a top Place, but I loved it.

    Phew, DONE!

    You may start worshipping me now!
    *Prostrates in worship*

    Also, yeah, Sverntir is, as described by its author, "a big icy boi".

    I'm fairly happy with my scores. One got about what I expected of it, and the other went way better than I thought it would.

    And what of the tie-breaker, though? Will we have one, or just a five-entry podium?

    By the way, Tables!

    Entry Number Build Name Stub What round is it? Gray Scores Total Score Ranking Chef
    8 Snow White and the Ten Fleshrakers CE human Bard 1/Human Paragon 2/Bard +17 one feat to rule them all 16.5 16.5 1st
    3 Victoria Tavius, the Iron Immortal (Part 2) Half-Iron-Golem Grey Elf Artificer 17 it's alive! 16.25 16.25 2nd
    1 Ialeah, Breath of Tiamat Half-Black Dragon Multipleheaded (Pyro) Cryohydra of Legend multiple personality disorder/ many-headed/ burn baby burn/ master of the tundra/ swallow whole 15.75 15.75 3rd(tie)
    2 Atriox CE Large Giant (shapeshifter)
    Legendary Lycanthrope Half Ogre Warlock 1/ Legendary Wolf 30HD/ Warshaper 3/ Warlock +5/ Hellfire Warlock 3/ Warlock +2
    oh hell no! 15.75 15.75 3rd(tie)
    7 Rhiannon, Queen of Magpies half-fey sylph malconvoker 9/master of masks 2 power comes at a price 15.75 15.75 3rd(tie)
    11 Pestilence the Leanan (Part 2) (PART 3) Pestilence the Leanan Sidhe/Binder 2/Fighter 2/Cancer Mage 10/Windrider 7 |War the Advanced Corrupted Walking Wall Mineral Warrior/Fighter 1/Ashworm Dragoon 10 |ghoulish ravenous abeil queen contemplative 1/oozemaster 5 | bodak creature rakshasa the horsemen are drawing nearer 15.5 15.5 6th
    9 Pudding and Cuddles Wood Element Spellwarped Half-Dragon(Black) Anarchic Arcane Ooze it's alive! 14.75 14.75 7th
    4 The Tigermonkey Beast of Xvim Gambol Scout 2, Swordsage 7, Bloodclaw Master 5 it's alive! 14.5 14.5 8th(tie)
    5 Liliet, the First Feline Neutral Evil Spellwarped Tibbit Psion (Telepath) 9 / Thrallherd 9 psionic overlord 14.5 14.5 8th(tie)
    10 Omega beholder beholder mage 7 one feat to rule them all 14 14 10th(tie)
    12 Sverntir and the Heralds of Winter Lightkeeper White Wyrm Sorcerer 1 master of the tundra 14 14 10th(tie)
    6 Cassandra NG -> NE Vecna-Blooded Half-Elf, Bardic Sage 4/Seer 3/Cerebremancer 3/Sublime Chord 2/Cerebremancer +7 higher they rise, harder they fall 13.75 13.75 12th/HM

    Special Entry Build Name Stub What round is it? Gray Scores Total Score Ranking Chef

    Fred NE Fiendish Titanic Argent Spider 13/Yathchol Webrider 7 TINY ONLY! 15.25 15.25 Competition Mascot!

    These took me longer than I'm proud to say.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    Honestly the fastest way to make a paladin fall is to cast the grease spell or to trip the paladin.