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    Ramona notices the gaseous Mon and she calls her bat over quietly. "Alright Bruce, that one.. Capture formation 6... On my mark" Ramona crosses her fingers and with a poof, there is 3... no 4 Ramonas where she stood. Her copies all dart into nearby trees, and she pulls out a whistle and blows it, silently signaling the bat.
    Bruce waits for the signal and flies up, only to dive-bomb on top of the Gaseous Mon, attempting to chomp at it
    Spoiler: Mechanics
    Ramona uses Double Team, she gains 3 Stacks of Double Team
    Ramona attempts Stealth: http://orokos.com/roll/761703 (21 Boosted)
    Bruce uses Bite
    To Hit: http://orokos.com/roll/761698 (14)
    Damage: http://orokos.com/roll/761699 (25 Dark Physical)
    Initiative Bruce 14
    Ramona 11
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