Zenis runs back to Akio's side as Jangmo-o rushes to the edge of the water where the Feralgator is and braces for the impact of Feralgator's attack. Akio prepares a premiere ball to throw after the exchange ends

Spoiler: Mechanics

Zenis is out of comabt, Jangmo-o is in combat.
Akio prepares to throw after Feralgator and Jangmo-o both get their actions.

Jangmo-o will interrupt Feralgator's attack and BIDE as he's being attacked. His action will be to release the bide. IF Jangmo-o would be instantly K.O'ed by the attack he will use protect instead. That would take over 80 damage to do but is still possible with type disadvantage.

Akio will throw his pokeball = 3, it will likely miss
Capture Roll = 51