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    @Tawmis: Actually, the biggest reason why I haven't seen GoT is mostly because I'm cut off from most forms of TV/Cable and I while I do have free time on some days, I'm usually working on getting the next game figured out on those days; otherwise I'd be watching the Critical Role podcast on Youtube every day until I caught up again. I just hope I can find a (preferably Free) cheap site that has GoT and other shows I'm interested in, when I get there.
    - Also of note, I'm also not able to do Video Games right now, and will only have the X-box 360 when I do finally get around to doing that. Also, I'm rather picky about what v-Games I will even try playing.

    I'll eventually get around to watching GoT (and maybe even reading the books, because that's something that I also enjoy and can't really do, yet) and better understand these GoT memes and other references.
    Good thing my enjoyment of something is never ruined by Spoilers, which is why I asked.

    Once again, thanks a lot for joining me here!
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