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    Late on a chilly, autumn afternoon, Magnus and Riley arrived in the village of Narthid. At the only inn they heard about a tribe of kobolds that had recently been more active and brazen in raids and ambushes. On the first night they helped fend off a sizable raid on the village.

    The town council was so impressed with their prowess, an offer was made the next morning by the sheriff to pay each of them 500 gp to seek out and destroy the kobolds in their lair. Akiren, a half elf hunter from Narthid who had previously tracked kobolds to some ruins nearby, agreed to lead the pair there.

    Riley was aggressively agreeable, having a deep despisal of kobolds. Actually, Magnus had discovered that the gnome seemed to hold most other small races in contempt. He hated goblins, disliked halflings, could care less about other gnomes, and was generally ill disposed toward dwarves.
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