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"There's probably a bunch of people around here who can actually see the future," Coraline says, nodding. "I can kind-of do that, but what I did is not so much seeing the future as it is predicting it, I guess? Like, tarots, omens, readings, bones, and stuff like that."

So, more like a real-life fortune teller than someone who has create-visions-of-the-future magic.

Meanwhile, a crocodile re-enters the tavern, crawling its way towards them. The crocodile has a weird saddle on its back. Looks like her ride is coming back from eating.
Mosswillow blinks, somewhat confused. "Fascinating," she says. She grips the handle of her mug awkwardly in one paw, and tilts it into her open mouth, spilling some of her drink onto her fur. Licking her lips, she adds: "Back home, our medicine cat used to see signs in mud puddles. He-" She pauses, and her ears perk up as the crocodile enters. "Is that...thing... yours?"