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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Dragon View Post
    It only irritates me when everyone expects every D&D game to look the same as theirs.
    They are a bunch of long term friends, and are all experienced pro actors to boot.
    And money and resources... So they can have an actual "castle" piece to fight on top of, if need be. Wizards of the Coast knows the show is so beneficial for them, that they will throw money at it.

    It can create the " Matt Mercer Effect ."

    Thankfully the group I DM for had never played D&D before, and had not seen Critical Role or anything like that to have any preconceived expectations!

    Quote Originally Posted by Great Dragon View Post
    I think that the technical answer is no.
    All of my Worlds start with an established World foundation, and expand from there.
    Interesting. Reason I ask is, you clearly seem quite creative. So I was wondering if you'd ever built a D&D world from the ground up.
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