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So, I'm watching the Steven Universe Future clip, and I notice that what is clearly a shot of antagonists shows JAsper, what appears to be a Giant Cactus merged with some Steven Melons, a pink version of White Diamond, two lapis lauzulis, and what seems to be an Aquamarine fused with a Ruby in addition to a giant worm.

Any theories on that?
Spoiler: picture for reference

Well Jasper is pretty obvious I think, she is pretty much the embodiment of the old Homeworld's warrior mindset now forced into peace, not sure what to do and since she is a Gem, two years is not enough time for her to adjust.

the Aquamarine-Ruby fusion is probably well....Aquamarine and One-Eye fusing to get some revenge at Steven probably maybe? those would be the two most probable.

that White-Pink Diamond is probably there because they KNOW that White needs more screen time and work for us to be fully satisfied with her being redeemed and that the Season 5 ending was a little rushed in that regard.

next are the two Lapises. at least one of them isn't our Lapis Lazuli, and probably both of them aren't. Lapis has come pretty far since early days and I think if the Crewniverse made our Lapis run away and be negative AGAIN the fans would riot. No these two are most likely different Lapises and have their own issue with things, but I'm not sure what.

The crazy cactus and giant monster in the background I have absolutely no idea about. cannot even begin to speculate on those.