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    I'd need someone to be with (in person) to help me stay interested - as well as someone that was good at creating Maps: World, Regions, City, etc. I can fill in details all day, but it's Really Hard for me to start with a blank slate.
    I remember my first "homebrew" world was a variation of Greyhawk that had Norse gods (from Deities & Demigods), because I was a huge Thor comic book fan. This is when I was like 14.
    I have always taken that initial homebrew and changed it over and over and over, through the years; making it my own more and more.
    I borrow from influences; for example, a previous version of my campaign world was heavily influenced by a series of CRPG games I loved called Realms of Arkania which had a heavy influence for how my gods operated.

    There's still influences I see from various things in my own campaign that I can say, "That came from Realms of Arkania, that came from The Hobbit, that came from Greyhawk, that came from Dragonlance..." They're all so covered in my own variations now, that someone else probably wouldn't recognize the influences.

    The one place I am weak at is drawing interior maps. World maps, I can do. Have me draw the inside of a building? Forget it.

    I can populate cities with interest people and leaders, but due to my (real life) dislike of all thing politics, I am horrible at creating interesting political things.

    All of that to say - it'd be cool if you made a homebrew, and just borrowed from influences. Definitely have the talent for it, I think.
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