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    Quote Originally Posted by KatsOfLoathing View Post
    Has anyone else noticed that the ads are getting steadily more prevalent these past few months or so? I can barely click on the page without opening some kind of popup these days, and I think today was the first time I saw an ad taking up the entirety of the site's background behind the main comic.

    I'm not sure if Dan's in poor financial straits or if he's just trying to make some extra money, but it's definitely starting to irk me.
    It might be just my Firefox automatically cutting some of that, but I have never had any popups on EGS site - just the standard banners on the page. I checked more throughoutly and my browser does not even see anything in need of blocking, so for me EGS site is way cleaner then standard. Mayby you should see, if you do not have some malware in your browser?

    edit: as for today's page, are Tedd and Eliot discussing some old magic system based on just saying the correct phrases in faux latin?
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