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Spoiler: Land Of Wind and The Hidden Village Of Sand


The Land Of The Wind, is called like this, because those who wish to survive, and even flourish there must always be on the move, just like the wind.
This land might look cruel to the weak and ignorant, but it's actually a loving parent, pushing his children forward, trusting them to withstand the pressure and grow stronger.
Those who dare, will find treasures lay beyond the vale of sands.
That why despite many scholars's confusion, the Land Of Wind is one of the most populouse lands. Sure, there are cities, but even the cities, reshape and change. Also, despite the stigmas, the Wind People are actually relativly peacful. They don't cling to almost anything, including vengance.
"Let The Wind Blow It Away.' Is a common saying among them.
The Land Of Wind has no signed graveyards from the same reason. No point in clinging to memories of those who were blown away.
The stigma of them indulging in adultory and liers, cheaters in general might have some base to it.
Promises doesn't mean much to them. "The promise were blown away.' Is a common excuse.
They tend to do what the view as the right thing to do at the moment, and usually don't take broken oathes and promises personaly.
Proper Ninja clans like other countires have, are a very rare thing, because of their tradition of freedom and change, but they had families and bands.
Cityfolks, took the spirit of Wind, to easily change of careers and ruling systems when time required it, and something close to a free market, maybe almost anarchistic.
Until 80 years ago, the Damiyo had a very loose control and mostly were, leader against outside threats and a respectful judge, if people required him to.
90 years ago a new treasure were discovered- oil. This treasure was irresitble, and in few years a powerful corpration were found:The Black Wind Inc. 'Kurokaze. Inc.'
They have forced out the Damiyo, and placed a puppet Damiyo in place, and drill the oil. But they weren't sustainable due, to constant ninja raids, and even if they bought off one group, two others started to raid.
They have hired of ten powerful ninjas from over the world, who have called themselves the Sunadorei(the Sand Slavers), most of them weren't from the Wind Land, and their had a Kekkei ability of Water Release.
They used combination of diplomacy and terror to unite most if not all of the ninja under their iron fist, and have found the Hidden Village Of The Sand- Sunagakure.
The Sand Ninjas weren't broken easily, and in one decade replaced three Kazekages one after another, and went into civil war with the Sunadorei.
The Damiyo and the Kurokaze Company have backtabbed, and have supported the rebels, that their general agreement was, to keep the village united in exchange for autonamy.
Now days, under the leadership of the 9th Kazekage, Sunagakure flourish with wierd mixture of militarstic state and freedom.
They have the biggest ninja army in numbers: three times more Genins then Konoha, twice Chunins then them, yet barely a dozen more Junins.
Their secret is their low standards at the academy. The Kurokaze fund anyone who wish to learn to be a ninja, which is atrractive option, because if not you will be forced to work under them directly, and usually it just a little better then slavery. As Ninjas, or at least residents of the Village you have relarive freedom. In order to graduate you need to master only one of three basic jutsus. The tradional teams of 3 are completly optional, and Genins and Junins alike are allowed to break and form new teams of any kind.
Also, the missions are picked from a mission board, and anyone can pick missions from E grade up to A.
The responsibility for the risk is up to the ninjas themselves, and the groups may vary as they see fit. (Think like Fairy Tail Guilds).
S are reserved for Junins, who may take companions with them, or Anbus.
They don't have many clans, but the village has unique and creative techniques whicb are funded generously by the Kazekage.
Most famouse are the puppetry, which the 9th Kazekage himself is a Master of, and Clay techniques, which mostly include sealing pottery and Golem crafting.

There are two clans worth mentioning-
The Mizushiki- the decandents of the first, third and fourth Kazekages, known for their Kekkei of Water Release. They are forbidden from leaving the village, and only on special orders of the Kurokaze, are sent to variouse bases to fix the water supply. Officaly, their Kekkei is too valuable, to risk. But some believe, this an unusual example of the Sand Ninjas have long memory and a continuouse vengance against the tyrants's offspring.

And the Bajirisuku Clan- The Basilisk Clan, with the eye ability to turn objects and living into stone. Coincednecly or not, they as well are originally from outside of the Land Of Wind.

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