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Spoiler: Alt Sunagakure

Alt Sunagakure

Sunagakure and the Land of Wind dwell in a desert. This fact defines the whole of their nation and way of life. Resources are poor in this land, making the Land of Wind weaker than other nations from more abundant areas. Its town are situated near its oases, and water is considered a precious commodity, not to be wasted. Its ability to feed itself depends on not just on the meager farms it does have, but upon the trade with other nations it works constantly to maintain. And the services of ninja are ones of its most precious things it has to offer in return. On the upside, most ninja from more abundant areas are unwilling to fight Suna in the constant sandstorms, heat and lack of water, and the old adage “Don't fight Suna in summer” is true as it ever was.

Their wind users are adept at causing artificial sandstorms to cause chaos and slaughter in enemy forces, their puppet brigade ninja makes corpses of their foes into new weapons and send them out to fight their still living comrades. Earth and Fire users while less common, sink the enemy into quicksand and drown them on land, Fire users burn away their water casks into steam and make them die of heatstroke quickly raising the temperatures to unbearable heights, lightning users strike hard and fast then disappear back into the desert winds. Suna nin has a reputation for being horrifying opponents to face, having no scruples about what they will do to survive and win.

Water release users are the rarest and most precious of all ninja in Suna, and have a different role. From the moment their elemental nature is discovered, they are taught to focus on creating water from nothing, and nothing else. Their nation simply doesn't have enough moisture to use the techniques common to Kiri. Once they successfully do so, they these “Oasis Nin” are taught to create clean water from chakra and provide it to others, as well as water plants. These rare Oasis Nin embark on the highest honor: ensuring the nations survival through food and water, and even the most battle-happy of ninja recognize the importance of their role, even if they feel burdened by it. Their lives are a constant quest to figure out how to create more oases, more plants to feed people, irrigate more water to grow the plants, and while they can fight as well as anyone else, their primary mission is to ensure a more prosperous Land of Wind.

Suna's skill in puppetry has allowed them to advance in the field of prosthetics, providing their own country folk numerous puppet arms and legs to continue living with both hands or feet, the wood and metal may feel hot in this heat, but its better than having only one hand. Puppet nin themselves have been known to replace their limbs with puppet ones just to upgrade them to their liking, and have come up with various creative uses for puppet technology, from being power armor to artificial mounts and transportation to quickly move across the desert, to combining puppets with fuinjutsu to fire off devastating elemental blasts from puppet turrets. There are rumors that some puppet nin seek to make puppets that can think and move on their own, puppets that have have intelligence, that might even have...souls, but these rumors also speak of these puppets having no heart or love and that are murderous and seek the death of humans out of jealousy for them being real people.

The One Tailed Beast was actually captured and sealed by Suna itself when it was founded and they never had to deal with Konoha for it. However as a consequence, they use the weakest of all the tailed beast seals, known as the Clay Jar Seal, not having Konoha's expertise when they made it, while most of the Jinchuuriki out there use the Iron Armor Seal because its the best seal that was developed during the First Kages, while modern Konoha itself makes use of the Eight Trigams Seal which is higher quality than both for the Nine-Tails. The weakest seal, for the weakest Tailed Beast. Some say, the weakest Tailed beast, for the weakest of the five superpowers. Indeed, Sunagakure and the Land of Wind seems to constantly get the short end of the stick in anything it does. This has led to its nation being very emphatic about receiving fair deals in its negotiations and being very leery of foreigners trying to take advantage of them, but open to any and all trade they can make. Their Jinchuurikis have always have to be taught discipline to resist the whispers of the One Tails violent nature.

Thus the nation is full of bazaars with products from other shinobi nations and exotic goods from far away lands beyond them, and the merchants there carefully calculate each coin, evaluate the value of each object and double check to make they are getting a fair and honest deal, while scammers and con men prowl the streets looking for the next mark. People wear white shawls and robes to keep out the sun, and many people do all that they can just to make ends meet in the desert. This diverse array of goods hides the fact that the Land of Wind's economy is very fragile, a constant juggling act of having to rely on other more verdant lands to supply its people, with remaining independent, and not ticking off either its own people or its foreign customers. Other nations see Sunagakure as weak, and fear little from it going on the offensive.

No one knows all this better than the Fourth Kazekage, nicknamed “The Spider of Mirage Threads” or just “The Spider”, he is known as a cunning, subtle man skilled with spider puppets so much that he gave himself four extra limbs. His web of spies extends throughout the Land of Wind and some say, throughout much of the shinobi nations. He is constantly scheming, constantly hiding his true motives, but he claims to want only the best for his nation and village. Some say he schemes for a better world, some say he sees all the world as his puppets, some say both. Despite his mysterious nature, the Land of Wind cannot deny his effectiveness: he works closely with the Wind Daimyo and fine tunes the workings and intricacies of his nation with a slight, precise, surgical hand, pulling strings with only the slightest of tugs, and when people come to him with a problem he is known to listen and work to come up with reasonable solutions.

Summoning Pacts/Ninja animals:

Kekkei Genkai:
1-Magnet Release (Wind and Earth)
2-Sand Release (Earth)

Kinjutsu: None yet

I like how both valuing promises and not valuing promises much are equally plausible for this place.
I like that we both came up with the idea that water release is the rarest, but calling it a kekkei genkai is a bit of a stretch, to me? its just a rare affinity in that land to me, I mean I guess legally it could be considered that for the purposes of maintaining it?

I'd mostly fight for the Oasis Nin and puppet-tech aspects to be included as well as including the Spider of Mirage Threads as a Jounin if you don't want him as a kage.

the oil aspect....yeah thats a good inclusion, make it more dynamic and warlike in its history.