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    cool, seems plausible. and yeeeees. Spiiiiiiiiider-kage! (though to be honest, even I don't know what his plan is)

    anyways, I've edited the OP to list more people for the village as well as a section for people outside of the Sound Village.

    the basilisk eye clan is good. we should definitely include that.

    also something I want to do different for this roleplay is to write up as many characters as early as possible instead of saving them for specific arcs, because the shinobi nations have a history with one another, and thus many of their characters would know about each other because of a shared interconnected history across generations. I already came up with counterparts for Kimiko across all the shinobi nations (but only four of them are good enough in my mind to be good fleshed out characters, need to better work out the Iwa and Suna counterparts, but the main counterpart is the Uchiha one)

    keep in mind these are less to have specific purpose and just to make sure the world is consistent enough that if a plot involve this nation or that nation, I'll be prepared for it.

    also I should probably do some write up on the Jinchuuriki in general, because there are some that were just really short-changed, make something detailing the Missing-Min of Kiri because while scattered they are pretty much a faction unto themselves, and maybe even write on the general rules and examples of forbidden jutsu, because there are certain rules to them that make sense for them to be put into the category, as well as help us limit combat to smart tactics rather than letting it devolve into shippuden ridiculousness, which if you think about it, has forbidden-or at least things that SHOULD BE forbidden- jutsu being thrown about all over the place.
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