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    Suddenly, the monk that you've been talking to stomps his foot down, causing a loud crack to ring out. "Do not blaspheme!" he shouts, leaning forward threateningly and glaring at you. The other monk further back drops into a combat-ready stance, fists clenched and arms raised.

    Spoiler: Starislav
    As an experienced warrior, his stance seems somewhat odd to you. While he looks ready to attack, the way he positions his arms is leaving him completely open to retaliation. Given all that you've heard about their philosophy and abilities though, it seems intentional. It's like he's not afraid to throw himself onto your spear.

    "The Golden Lord has taught us to embrace our inner strength and shown us how to utilize it. Evidence is unnecessary. We all know the pain of the common people, and we all know those responsible for it." Enraged, he begins rattling off name, emphasizing each with sheer hatred.

    "Big Feet Zu!

    Magistrate Li!

    Real Man Xiao!

    They will face judgement at the hands of a righteous Lord!"

    With that, he slowly lowers himself into a combat-ready stance as well, as the men and women behind him grip what weapons that they have.

    "Leave now! Come back when you know what has to be done. If you will not fight the magistrate, then there is still one villain who is within your reach, is there not?" That last part seems to be directed as much as Starislav as it is at Rem. In any case, the monk seems serious about what he is saying. It's tough to tell how much more talk these people will accept before turning to violence.
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