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Dammit, Dan. This is your worst quality as a writer.

If you're worried that "people don't know what Eliot's been up to," then you can relax. People don't need to know what he's been up to. He was last seen standing near Tedd, holding a piece of paper, and he'll come back on-panel when he needs to. That's fine.

Similarly, it is not a plot hole to allow characters to know things you haven't explicitly shown them learning about. Conversations are a thing that happens. Your readers can connect the dots.

Dan has gradually gotten better at this, but he seems to think he's taking a daring, reckless chance each time he lets some minor detail take place off-panel, when in reality he's still erring heavily on the side of "pacing be damned, I have to show this or everyone will think I'm cheating."
Agreed. It's not as bad with slice of life (which this largely is) since the entire point of the genre is to see the mundane day-to-day, but it can still create a very sluggish story that can feel like a drag to read through.