Jaylyn looked over at Aurix, noted the brief pout. "Aww, Aurix you DO care. I wished I'd known, I'd got you something in return." Jaylyn said with a sly smirk. "But Jaylyn's a big girl, she can take care of herself." Jaylyn said giggling, before taking on a serious tone. "But no seriously, we could get some useful information out of her... And if that fails we can send her into the abyssal tower. I might not be able to see though her eyes but, I'd still get a good idea what's in there. And who knows we could get her to bring items back out." Jaylyn finished taking a seat at the table.

When Geiravor complemented Jaylyn, she started mumbling. Jaylyn's appearance changed along with her clothing to that of a Noblewoman. She began speaking with a deep southern accent. "Well I do declare, Miss Geiravor-Chan. I do believe that is the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me." Jaylyn said fanning herself with an imaginary folding fan. She let out a lady like laugh before letting the disguise drop returning back to her true form. "We was taught at an early age. When taking on a form as part of a disguise, to make sure to take into account all five senses. It be silly for me to take on the form of a man smelling like a woman, and go into a mine." Jaylyn said glancing over at Nameless, making sure the dragon heard her.