Agreed as well. This whole page could have been just the first panel of the next page, or omitted completely. People aren't wondering if Elliot suddenly disappeared, and they probably still wouldn't after a year of updates not showing him. I mean, we may complain that we haven't seen him in too long, but we wouldn't think "he hasn't been on panel for a while, is he no longer in this house?" Most readers have object permanence :P

This being said, it doesn't annoy me all that much. One page goes quickly when reading it as part of a whole, and that's how most people will experience it. The only people who won't are those who were caught up and now are reading this update before the next page is up. It's only a few days' worth of the page's lifetime.
But yes, this is also the reason why most people won't be wondering about Elliot, either.