As Gorrun and Aurix walk back to the den, Gorrun kept an eye on the little green-clad fae. Something didn't quite sit well with him. But what was it? Had Umbear even bothered vetting him? Seemed like Umbear's particular brand of recklessness to bring an unknown fae into the direct presence of the Princess with no real idea who he was or what he was up to. He stopped just short of the den. Malaika, could you take Umbear's friend here down to refill his mug, and maybe bring me one back when you come?
Spoiler: Giant
Keep an eye on him would you? Wouldn't want him getting into anything.

After the two of them head off, Gorrun steps into the den. He scowls when Jaylyn starts speaking in an odd way using unfamiliar accents and dialects that did not complement each other. He wondered what she was doing, but when Geiravor seemed unphased by it, he let it rest for now. Adding it to his running list of the Kit's peculiarities.

Do any of you know anything about Umbear's little fae friend? I've paid him little attention but I noticed that he seemed quite nervous around Viradessa and it gave me reason to question. I've sent him down to the dining hall with Malaika, so he should be in good hands for a while but I felt this needed to be addressed before he was allowed into privy counsel. Not everyone that offers aid should be trusted.