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    Quote Originally Posted by Lissou View Post
    This being said, it doesn't annoy me all that much. One page goes quickly when reading it as part of a whole, and that's how most people will experience it. The only people who won't are those who were caught up and now are reading this update before the next page is up. It's only a few days' worth of the page's lifetime.
    But yes, this is also the reason why most people won't be wondering about Elliot, either.
    Absolutely. The page isn't badly written or anything, and no one extra page will slow down the pace of the story much. But Dan errs consistently on the side of filling in every detail, and we know from his commentary that even when he chooses not to show something on-panel, he second-guesses himself. "People will wonder how she knew that, and they'll be right to call me out on the plot-hole!" And even then he'll have a character give a thorough verbal summary of the events he chose not to show, rather than trust readers to connect the dots.

    Even when reading a whole storyline at once, his writing would have better flow and more punch if he didn't feel the need to show or explain every link in every chain of events. For example, before the current scene, he had everyone carefully lay out, in internal monologues and in their conversations with one another, how they planned to greet Ashley and what their hopes and worries that when Ashley shows up, we'll understand the scripts they're all working from. Dan (as I read things) perceives ambiguity in any form as weak storytelling.

    (I'd better not even start to rant about his determination to leave no ambiguity in Diane or Lucy's new retroactive good-guys-all-along status!)
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