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I hope I am not too late.

Spoiler: Shade
Titles: God-Thief, Giver of Gifts
Portfolio: God of Knowledge, Thieves and Information Brokers
Agenda: Shade loathes those that hoard knowledge from others. To him, information is meant to be free. In fact, he believes that, if knowledge isn't spread far and wide among everyone, it could damage the fabric of reality. He is known as the God-Thief, not because he is the patron deity of rogues, but because he steals from other gods. He takes the boons stockpile for themselves should be given to the mortals of the world.
Appearance: A floating cloak made of shades and pages of parchment.

Symbol: A book with a dagger overlaid on it
This is a really cool concept, but the whole knowledge-broker thing could step on Nizreph's toes a bit.