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    Startlingly, you lift up the carpet, and you find a key. However, as you lift up the carpet, one of the vases in the room suddenly falls with a CRASH. Immediately Thomas and Mary rush over to see what has happened. They are understanding, but Thomas informs you that your pay will be docked accordingly at the end of your investigation. Nevertheless, you investigate the rest of the room, and discover that one of the masses of books is actually a desk! Surprising nobody said desk contains a lock, you put the key in the lock, etc...

    It's not a distinguished book per se, but unlike literally every single other book in his study, this one does not have a title. It's rather small and appears to be... the journal! Realizing this could contain the answers you seek, you head back to your room to pour over its contents.

    Arnoldsberg, 10:26 AM, October 2nd, 1921

    With a brief skim it seems quite clear that Douglas did not lead a very interesting life, and yet, every book that he read seemed to give him immense pleasure. It was as if he was living out a myriad of interesting lives all at the same time, or at least, that's how he describes it in his journal. Eventually, you reach the end, wherein you find the following two pages (this is slightly metagaming here, but the pertinent information is on the two pages provided).
    Spoiler: Journal Entries

    If you would like a transcript...
    Spoiler: Successful Language (English) - Own Language Roll
    August 25th,
    Dear diary, it has been an incredibly frustrating day. It seems like you remain my constant companion throughout these troubled times. Well, you and my other books of course. I am truly uncertain about what would ever happen if I were to somehow leave them. The people of this town have very little if any imagination. They simply exist and go about their monotonous lives, living in insolence. Not only that, but despite this, they nevertheless demand things of me. Even now I am sure that there is going to be some sort of family gathering in merely a few weeks. Nevertheless, I have had the most intriguing experience. I managed to discover something, a creature, unlike any animal known to my fellow men, moving about the cemetery throughout the night while I read. It seemed to pay me no mind, but I saw it slip down the network of tunnels below the cemetery. I cannot help but be astounded and amazed by such a revelation. I must admit, it is simply possible that I have been dreaming, I was reading Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but I think this would be an excellent source for some inspiration for a book.
    Douglas Kimball

    August 30th, 1920

    Dear diary. I have been thinking about it, and I am now reaching a decision. There is little here right now, and in all honesty, I feel that I should join with my friends below. I am sorry to say goodbye to these entries, but the demands of society are becoming too much. It is time for me to depart. I never got to finish Dracula… Goodbye.

    Douglas Kimball

    You happen to ask Thomas for more information about Douglas' disappearance and you realize that the final entry is dated the day before Douglas vanished.