WEBISODE 2: Argossa!

The War Room!

It's not really a war room. Or, rather, it's not meant to be. But it's the room with the great big map of all of Hyperborea, in perfect scale, complete with a to-scale Argossa root growing through the floor in full blossom. It's also the room where Ourania's storing her armory, which is not as big as you'd expect, but still impressive. Lots of shining spears and sun-blessed arrows, and masterwork suits of armor in the styles of all the different kingdoms.

And it's here that Ourania first takes off the bracer on her left arm.

All up and down her forearm, her veins are standing out in the purple and blue of the corrupted ley lines.

"There's no room for hiding it here," she says, plainly. She's wearing a golden Rowani dress today, and a laurel wreath crown. "The health of the kingdom is the health of the queen, as the saying goes. And by the time I realized what Oberon was doing, I was already weakening. The closer to Argossa I am, the more of my strength I keep, but going out to Feloria was..." Her silence fills the room for a moment. "...a calculated risk. Particularly because of the agreements I have made with the kingdoms." One might remember Dandy, her hands on the earth, formally inviting Ourania in.

"If Adila hadn't... but that's old history," she continues. "As things stand now, Kazelia, you have managed to hurt your father. If we press our advantage, we might be able to stop this once and for all, and save your sisters, too. But first, we need to know what he's planning."

She turns to Alina and Adila. "Both of you had the chance to speak with Oberon and his daughters. Did they reveal anything of what he plans to do, how he thinks he can take over Hyperborea? Think carefully, please."