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    Default Monster boon campaign (under construction)

    System: ( D&D 3.5 with additions)
    Player Count: (6-7)
    Style of Play: (Sandbox)
    Allowed Content: (http://minmaxforum.com/index.php?board=34.0

    Character Creation: (Myth-weaver.com or GoogleDocs)
    Backstory: (Required to be good-quality, goals, style of combat and personality displayed.)
    Experience: (5th Level)
    Wealth: (Standard WBL)
    Ability Scores: (34 point buy)
    Hitpoints/Health: (Max)
    Alignment: (nope)
    Other Notes: (2 flaws max, 2 traits max)
    Spoiler: details

    Characters not allowed to be teir 1 classes and should have no more than half of your levels should be base classes.

    Your maximum number of ranks in a class skill is your level+3, and your maximum number of ranks in a cross-class skill is your level.

    Once a class skill, always a class skill

    Your Intelligence modifier never gives a penalty to your skill points/level

    BaB +1:
    Combat Expertise
    Improved Shield Bash
    Improved Unarmed Strike
    Power Attack
    Precise Shot
    Rapid Reload
    Quick Draw

    BAB +6
    Blind Fight
    Improved Two-Weapon Fighting* (req Two-Weapon Fighting)
    Weapon Specialization* (req Weapon Focus

    BAB +11
    Bounding Assault* (PHB 2) (Spring Attack)
    Greater Two-Weapon Fighting* (Two-Weapon Fighting)
    Greater Weapon Focus* (Weapon Focus)
    Whirlwind Attack

    BAB +16
    Greater Weapon Specialization* (Weapon Focus)
    Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting* (Two-Weapon Fighting)

    NB: Starred feats are only granted if you already possess the prerequisite feat, listed in parenthesis. If you gain the prerequisite feat at a later date, you are automatically awarded any subsequent feats you would have been granted.

    Either write how you have banned together or that you are in line with souvenirs to earn boons and decide to work together after that.
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