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Well, it quite ambitiouse project then.
I didn't even have spoken about the Drug War in the Land Of Wind...

I did imagine few Konoha based antagnostic characters.
Mostly the "pale eyed man' who slaughtered Usagi's village.
I think it should be fine, we are starting from the knowledge circle of young Genins..
Very well, what are the ideas for the first arc? because the Land of Waves arc was very important foreshadowing, developing Naruto's character and giving Sasuke the Sharingan. like, a lot of what happened after it only does so because of the events in Land of Waves. that first "C-rank" mission was important, because it sets up the chuunin exams which in turn sets up everything else.

as for villains, Naruto villains while often sympathetic also have philosophies to try and justify why they use force on people. not all of them though, some naruto villains are just straight up evil, but they're often minor ones.