Spoiler: Liza & Xiren
Kazuma sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose before looking back up at you.


His stance shifts, and he takes a somewhat different posture.

"You're Russian. I should have known. Let me explain: Tantojustsu and Systema Spetnaz are the two styles I mix. The former eliminates the footwork of the latter. I have spent a long time creating this mix, but... ignore your death, just this once, and look at my feet."

It's different than how he wants to fight, but not so much as to be unrecognizable.

"I honestly don't entertain parrying with such a short blade except as a last resort. It's so close to your hand - it's just too dangerous. Allowing the opponent to attack first in the hope that you can capitalize on it isn't necessarily the worst strategy, but if there is more than one enemy, it exasperates your disadvantage."

He's still fast - it's a difference only a skilled fighter would care to make. After a few practice sets, he steps back and takes a lower defensive posture as he prepares to entertain your original request to spar both of you at once. There is a notably a harsher tone when he switches to Russian. In fact, he sounds like an old man.

"<Yelizaveta. You are finished with running away. Promise me right now.>"

He doesn't look like he's willing to let this one go.

Spoiler: Liza

Spoiler: Alyona
"We have ingredients, don't worry. Mother is... well, there is little reason for her to show her true face while working. <The still waters are inhabited by devils.>" Now there's something you haven't heard in a long time. "I think she is sweet on the commander. I have seen his true face as well. He should crush the mask underfoot - I have liked the man for all of five minutes combined. But father was like that too."

She puts on an exaggerated gruff voice, "You! Soldier! Your weapon is tilted three millimeters to the left of requirements! Ten demerits and a public flogging!" Switching to a sweeter tone, equally exaggerated, she adds, "Oh, little bird, how was school today?"

She rolls her eyes, and speaks normally again. "She is less extreme, but this is how she is as well."

Spoiler: Murayama
"Some people are better at certain things, and we don't always get to choose. It seemed like I was always going to be military or law enforcement. What about math? How come I wasn't ever good at that? I don't know. Armed forces just called to me, I guess. Then a couple years ago, when Babylon was formed, they started recruiting from the military, from private security, wherever they could find people. And they said they only wanted the best of the best, so when I got that call, damn straight I want the job. Look... it never really occurred to me to not protect you. That's not who I am. I've got a sense of duty to protect people, and you needed it."