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    I think we have luxury that no the manga nor anime have:lack of audience to please.

    And this issue gotten harder in this decade. Many popular mangas of thr past wouldn't have survived the short amount of attention people are willing to give to new shows, so they have to jump the story forward.

    My ides was to use an actual D and C rank missions, while Futility-San in the background conspire.
    If I have learned anything from shows like MLP, the question how Pinkie is dealing with the secret(gasp) her friends are hiding from her(surprise party) is more intense, from how many metetors will Madara throw at countless of characters we don't care about.
    So for now, more for Harry Potter's style?
    It also, parts of the ninja world, that it will be hard to scale back to, when we get out to the wide world.

    So for now like.. 2-3 D missions, and then another encounter w8th futilitt san, just to get C rank mission which actually get them out, while the threat of Futility guy hang in the air.
    For the C rank, I imagined Uchiaha guy, who tempt weaker ninjas with unique abilities to challenge him, so he could copy them.
    That what I have for now in general.

    Slow burn, but I think it work well in 1 on 1
    How does it sound?

    - - - Updated - - -

    List of the children for my selfish convience

    Kinder Garden

    Nekocho Kimiko- imaginative, active, michivouse and judgemental. Just like mommy!

    Shogai Fukaimi- Silent. Nod, but secretly does what he want and bully girls especialy Sukkunai

    Sukkunai Fukaimi timid. Shy. Crybaby, when she cry she try to run away and hide.

    Mimi Komoro- cheerful, best friend of Kimiko and enjoy pranks.

    Kowerata Kaguya bragger kind of boy. Enjoy to show off and creep at the sake time

    Tsuiseki Ishikawa timid and seriouse girl. Draw all day, using paper planes and determined to write reality itself.

    Damuhijo he deaf, and have conencetation issues. He isn't a ninjaz but normal care takers can't deal with him. He is bullied a lot.

    Sogeki isn't from any clan, but his spit ball sniping is on ninja level.
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