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    Parks and Reanimation

    "Fidelia!" Jenette calls out, as her closest friend marches off in a huff. "Fi! I...I didn't mean it, okay? I just-" She takes a deep breath and slows down for a moment, trying to process everything. What is she going to do here? How is any of this going to work out? This ghoul thing can't go on forever, Fi's eventually going to decide she can't stomach aiding and abetting all of this savagery and cannibalism. At the same time, though, they're not going to be able to stay here and coexist like this without Saint Lazarus. Saint Lazarus is the one who saved Fidelia, the zombie knight who struck down all those thugs and rescued her from the gutter. She's just boring ol' Jenette d'Aubigny without Saint Laz. Jenette's not going to be enough to keep up with the rent payments and the dog food. Jenette isn't enough to shelter and protect Fi from the alleyways full of rapists and slavers and scum out there. Jenette isn't worth **** on her own, not without Saint Lazarus to mend her wounds and bear her sword.

    "I'm scared, okay? This all came at me out of nowhere. This horrible, flesh-eating monster inside you know why I came to Skyside, Fi? I wanted to take down a few gangsters and hurt the people who deserved before one of them finally got me. I came here to die, okay? Then I found Romero, and this place, and you. I joined VIGIL, and people seemed okay with me. I thought maybe I could actually make this Saint Lazarus thing work." At that point, her stomach starts to twist in protest, daggers of pain stabbing into Jenette's abdomen as she drops to a knee. There must be at least a little bit left in the fridge, right? Something she's been saving for a rainy day, for when the well of criminals, degenerates, and slave masters runs a little dry. Romero worriedly licks at her face, because she doesn't normally act like this and also he heard his name a moment ago so MEATSMELL must want something from him.

    "I don't know how to go back to being just Jenette again," she admits, in a pained hiss as she pushes Romero aside and stumbles towards the refrigerator. Don't-look-at-the-couch-don't-look-at-the-couch-don't-look-at-the-couch. It's in there, a big ol' human steak with her name on it. She just has to open the refrigerator door and everything will be fine. She can go hunting with Romero and don't-think-about-her-right-now after one quick snack. Maybe round the corner and catch up to Jaahlyn, find out if goat meat is close enough to human to satisfy her cravings. She wouldn't even see it coming, the claws would be around that stupid hag's neck before she even-

    Jenette blinks. The sharp nails on her withered left hand begin to retract, and it quickly swells back to its usual size, instead of that ghastly claw she'd wrapped around the fridge door. Oh gods, she really hopes Fi didn't see any of that just now.
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