I May have finally found a build but I'm afraid it may be a bit to weak (My group is far from Mix-maxers but i'd still think this build could use some help so it dose not slow my party down)

I am going with a dragon Theme and so I chose Kobold (I don't think there is any more Dragon like races that are medium size) and also since Kobolds don't have a speed reduction it fit well with the archetype I chose (warrior poet) since its more Dex based

I'll be starting around level 3 to 5 and so it may be while before i get any of the real good abilities of the class (We don't use Exp for level but achievements and such as to when we gain levels such as finishing a chapter in a game (all are games are home-brewed

For this character I am picturing a seasoned warrior I don't dear go to old but maybe all most out of middle age (Seen his fair share of wars)

I'd like to know how i am improve this build with out making it to strong so it fits with the rest of the part but dose not slow the rest of the party down.

the build

Spoiler: Kobold warrior poet
Name - ???
Race - Kobold
Class - Warrior poet
STATS (Base on 20 Point buy)
STR (10) / DEX (16) / CON (8)
INT (10) /WIS (10) Cha (16)

Armor class (21) Flat (14) Touch (19)
Natural Armor(1)


FRT 4 / REF 5 / WIL 4 (7 VS Charm and compulsion Effects)

(Speed 60 / Initative + 8)
Melee (+1 Small Katana) = +10 (+12 iwith Challenge) /1D6 (+2 Graceful Strike) (+5 With challenge / First Attack only)
CMB (STR 0 + BAB - 1 Size)

Kobold Traits
(1) Fast But Weak (-4 STR +2 DEX -2 CON)
(2) Small Size (+1 AC / ATK ) (-1 CMB/CMD) (+4 Stealth)
(3) Armor (+1 Natural Armor)
(4) Low-lightv**ision 60FT

(1) Irrepressible You can use your Charisma modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier when attempting Will saving throws against charm and compulsion effects.
(2) Wanderlust (+10 Land speed)

Class Features (Warrior Poet)
LV(1) Skirmisherís Challenge 1/day
LV(1) Dancerís Grace
LV(1) Flourish (+10 Land speed)
LV(1) Graceful Warrior
LV(1) Order (Dragon)
LV(1) resolve (2 Uses
LV(2) Order Ability
LV(3) Flourish (+10 Land speed)
LV(4) Graceful Strike
LV(4) Skirmisherís Challenge 2/day
LV(5) flourish - Harmony of the Tranquil Garden

LV(1) Quick Draw
LV(3) Improved Initiative
LV(5) Iron - Will

(Katana) - Small (Master Work +1 To hit) = 300 GP
Bracers of Armor (+2) = 4000 GP
Belt of Dex (+2) = 4000 GP
Cloak Of resistance (+1) = 1000 GP

Trained Skills