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    Rem weaves back from the monk's initial attack, her body moving almost on its own to get her out of harm's way. As she does, a group of cultists tries to jump her, clubs and wooden spears raised to strike, but with the tiniest of motions she unleashes a surge of light that washes over them and makes them fumble their attacks. One of them, a young boy barely old enough to even lift his weapon, falls to the ground and proceeds to quickly crawl away, whimpering with fear. He seems scared, but unharmed.

    Then, a jump takes her into the air, where she unfurls her wings and unleashes a blast of power at the monk who now is helplessly below her. His face is momentarily contorted by surprise before he is hit squarely in the chest, pushing him backwards as his feet bury into the soft, muddy ground to prevent him from falling over. "Angel!" he gasps, breathless from the attack. "The strive of the Torment Defied may not reach you where you are, but we will take end you after your champion!" With that, he turns around and flings himself towards Starislav, in a movement that utilizes the impact energy of the attack that just hit him.

    Meanwhile, the other cultists do what they can to wear you down. Rocks and sharpened sticks are flung up into the air at Rem from whatever cover they can find amidst their huts, one even opening fire with a makeshift bow that he has. Their attacks are uncoordinated, but one might still hit you.

    Spoiler: OOC
    While the monk doesn't seem to have any decent ranged options for now, the cultist mob gets an attack against Rem. Your AC is already included in this attack, so it'll only hit on a total result of 20.

    [roll]1d20+1+3[roll] for a potential (1d6)[2] = damage.

    Meanwhile, Starislav's initial attack does not go quite so well. At the very last moment, the quiet monk recognizes the bogatyr's strike, and suddenly lets his upper body drop to the side, bending his back at an angel that looks like it should break his spine, but yet miraculously does not. From there, he simply rolls while Starislav himself lets his momentum carry him forward, out of reach of an immediate counterattack. Two cultists, a man and a woman approach the god at this point, throwing themselves at him in a practised, but clearly inexperienced show of unarmed combat. In return, he simply grabs one of them and throws her into the other, knocking the fight out of them in one move.

    Behind them, however, the two monks step up, charging him in preparation for an attack. Once within range, the two burst into a flurry of powerful strikes, their bodies moving and contorting to keep every punch at an unpredictable angle. If they experience any discomfort from this style of fighting, they do not let it show on their faces. What makes it worse is that as Starislav does his best to fend off the two warriors, he is beset by further cultists from every angle, making defending himself a difficult task at best.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Starislav faces attacks from the two monks and the mob of cultists. Your AC is already included in these attacks, so it'll only hit on a total result of 20.

    Talking Monk:
    [roll]1d20+7+2[roll] for a potential (1d8)[3] = damage.
    [roll]1d20+7+2[roll] for a potential (1d8)[3] = damage.

    Quiet Monk:
    [roll]1d20+7+2[roll] for a potential (1d8)[8] = damage.
    [roll]1d20+7+2[roll] for a potential (1d8)[4] = damage.

    [roll]1d20+1+3[roll] for a potential (1d6)[1] = damage.

    Keep in mind that you do have Gifts that can defend you from damage that you would otherwise take. Should the amount of HP that you loose this round seem like too much to be sustainable, your gift Unbreakable could render you immune to it as a reaction.

    Edit: Well, this is kinda embarrassing. I redid the rolls in the OOC.
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