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    Default CAVE: Conquering Alliance of Villainous Evil!

    They came from the skies.

    A massive tear in reality opened one day in a remote portion of Outside, a massive mountain range home to a host of small villages of various races, though none were particularly notable. From out of the portal, though, came doom. Four massive machines, things which were based upon, or perhaps were, at one point, dragons. But these machines were far larger than most normal dragons.

    Kilometers in size, and each of a different design: the smallest, an elegant work of bone, brass and black leather, foul black smoke pouring from its nostrils. The next largest, a work of glowing green crystal and black steel, leaving a grating wail in its wake as it soared over head. The second largest, a blue monstrosity, seemingly both organic and mechanical, grey armored plates attached to a writhing blue hide that crackles with electricity, thunder following in the awful beast's wake. The largest, however, is almost a mockery of the majestic form, its limbs and shape simplistic, almost a caricature in nature, but no doubt in the shape of a red dragon, crystalline eyes fueled with hatred and intent. They descended upon the mountains; and each quickly razed a massive area, before landing, and disgorging an army.

    From the black dragon came bronze and black automatons, golems constructed in an old manner, clockwork soldiers all of them, merciless and conscious-less, and led by a cackling madman clad in black and gold, augmented with crude mechanicals in the same fashion as his soldiers had been constructed.

    From the green dragon came sleek machines constructed with utmost care. Fewest in number, but packing the most fearsome of weapons, these machines of war were not led. Instead, they set about constructing a massive base for the others to use, reaving the area of resources to fuel their needs.

    From the blue dragon came more blasphemous creatures, flesh merged with machines, sometimes in gruesome fashion. These creatures were not led, either, but instead, seemed to have infested the surrounding lowlands, acting as scouts and early warning systems, that no one would be able to approach the area of occupation without the forces entrenched there knowing about it.

    And from the red dragon came a massive army of machines created in caricature of other creatures, or in designs merely meant to intimidate. Some, however, were more accurate to their inspirations than others; and among them were a number of androids that seemed mostly humanoid, save for their heavy armor. Leading this army was a raven-haired woman in the same style as her humanoid underlings.

    Once landed, and, having established a beachhead, these armies quickly spread out into the surrounding countryside, taking village after village, bringing their inhabitants back to their base, never to be heard from again. Slowly, rumors have begun to spread through the Nexus about a new group, one focused on the eventual conquest of the Nexus. Whispers have reached even the underground of Inside, Skyside, and Riverside, rumors of villages and loved ones who had been living in the mountains having disappeared, along with many of those who have gone to investigate.

    And among those rumors, is one of opportunity, for those ruthless enough to join these invaders in their quest, and one of ominous portent: there is a third, and final leader, rarely seen, but possessed of power, both in leadership and physical might, that leads the overall forces, who call themselves "The Alliance". For those who impress him, great power awaits...

    Spoiler: Locations

    Located in the range locally known as the Batwing Mountains, CAVE's HQ is actually spread among four peaks and the valley between them. Each of the Dragons have claimed a peak, and rest somewhere near the top of each mountain. Each mountain is also home to a tunnel system, connected to the main base in the Valley. The mountains form something of a square, with the valley reaching up to an nigh-impassable range that has to be flown over towards the rear. All of the following locations possess heavy shielding, including a barrier to teleportation that deposits those who try to teleport directly into the base without authorization into an open area near the entrance to the valley, where CAVE's forces patrol extensively.

    Northeast Peak: Tallest peak, home to the Red Dragon and its forces. Was once an extensive dwarven mining colony.
    Northwest Peak: Second tallest peak, home to the Green Dragon and its forces. Was once a small goblinoid enclave.
    Southeast Peak: Third Tallest Peak, home to the Black Dragon and its forces. Heavily garrisoned with the clockwork forces, also home to a massive lab complex employed by the leader of the Black Dragon's forces.
    Southwest Peak: Smallest peak, home to the Blue Dragon and its forces. The proximity of this peak to the rest of Outside has allowed the Blue Dragon's cybernetic creatures to infest the local countryside.

    CAVE HQ: The base in the valley. Perhaps not as impressive as the VIGIL Skybase, or even AMEN's mountain home, but fortified with every manner of weapons, and patrolled regularly by CAVE forces. Is constantly under construction and enlargement, both above and below ground, as the invaders spread out and acquire or manufacture more forces. Decidedly technological in nature, complete with automatic doors that open with an ominous hiss!

    Spoiler: Membership Information

    Joining CAVE is relatively simple: characters need to show up, and have an interview with one of CAVE's leaders. If the applying character is possessed of an army of some sort or another, it's highly encouraged to bring them, or at least, a sample of them, so that they can be inspected and battle plans can be made that incorporate everyone's forces, but the lack of lackeys isn't necessarily a barrier to joining CAVE.

    Current Members:
    Character name Role Player
    Chaeron Leader Nova_Eclipse
    Kaydara Lieutenant, Leader of Red Dragon Forces Nova_Eclipse
    Balthius Volgin Lieutenant, Leader of Black Dragon Forces Nova_Eclipse
    Gemma Altural Member bc56
    Malice Lieutenant, Bondmate of Blue Dragon Lord Magtok
    Larukh Member, Rubric Marine Commander Morty
    Nemo Member 5a Violista
    Zanther Whaletooth Member, Captain of the landship Midnight Star Earl of Purple

    Spoiler: THREAD RULES

    • Conflict is great! It's the heart to any good story and lots of fun to play! But please, don't destroy the entire place. Damaging portions of it is fine, but anything involving destroying the entire organization should be run through the OoC thread first to give all players a chance to decide if they want to participate.
    • No godmoding/godmodding. It's not allowed in other acronyms, and it's not allowed here, unless specifically noted.
    • Please keep curtains to a reasonable amount.
    • Please, for the love of everything, label your scene's location! There are a lot of locations possible in this thread due to the size of CAVE's base, and it's better to be clear where events are happening so that players know where scenes are.

    Spoiler: About NPC Henchmen

    CAVE's forces have a number of NPC henchmen in various forms described above. More detailed descriptions will be coming, but the main thing players should be aware of is that unless they are named, NPC henchmen can be godmoded as needed. Named henchmen will either be listed as members, or noted above, along with their players, as they become relevant, and will be considered PCs.
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