Parks and Reanimation

A small sniffle breaks the silence as Fidelia wipes away a tear. She hasn’t looked back at Jenette yet, as luck would have it - the girl is far too busy stewing in emotions and trying to calm down. ”I-I’m sorry, I- Look, you’re right. I- I overstepped my boundaries, I just- *sniffle* I just....” she trails off, taking a deep breath to calm herself and attempt to sort things out in her mind. “Everything about our situation... it hurts, you know? Er, not being here, with you, at your side. There’s- there’s nothing I’d want more than that, I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the worlds. But-“ she balls her fists in her lap. ”I’ve watched you hurt yourself again and again for a whole year. Hide from everyone, too scared of hurting anyone to reach out. I-I can’t even imagine how much it hurts to know your family’s out there, too afraid to hurt them or be rejected for what you’ve been cursed with now, and- and it hurts! I sit here, melding scrapes and dents, watching your back, but I can’t do anything to help fix things for you!”

Fidelia’s breathing is a little more choked up now as she struggles to recompose herself for a few moments. It’s clear these feelings have been bottled up for a while, and releasing them has taken a bit out of her. ”I-I’m sorry, I just... I care so much about you, and- and I just want to see you happy, just as much as you make me feel beside you. I....” she trails off, unsure what else to say.